This Man Surprised His Wife With an Epic Vow Renewal Ceremony — On Ice!

And the Husband of the Year Award goes to...

Man's Vow Renewal - LEAD
Photo: Keith Longman Photography/Facebook

The Longmans were tossing around the idea of renewing their vows after 16 years of marriage but, after no plans were cemented, Keith decided to take the reins and really surprise wife Sarah.

Under the guise of Sarah's birthday, Keith told his lady love to get dressed up for her birthday meal—along with daughters Grace, 13, and Keira, 5—and a taxi picked them up.

Sarah became surprised when the car ultimately pulled up to the couple's local ice skating rink. Having been a successful ice skater in her youth, Keith was a self-described "Bambi on ice."

Let that imagery sink in...

"I told her we were going to have a skate and then head off somewhere else but when we got inside she spotted our family and friends," Keith told The Mirror. "I made myself scarce and changed into a bow tie and then reappeared and explained I had arranged for us to renew our vows and asked everyone to come down."

A rose-covered arch then appeared on the ice along with a photographer. The stage was set for Keith to reveal the biggest surprise: an applause-worthy ice skating routine.

While John Legend's "All of Me" played, Keith accomplished landing spirals, pirouettes, pivots, and crossovers. This was all thanks to him having secretly taken skating lessons for three months calling it a "real cloak and dagger operation."

"He's incredible," Sarah said. "He'd arranged it without me knowing. I had been wondering why he suddenly started suffering from shin splints but now I know why."

Keith, who calls himself "quite a romantic man," calls this the "best thing" he's ever done and is well aware of the fact that he's set the bar extremely high for himself.

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