This Man Gave His Wife the Most Heartwarming 10th Anniversary Surprise EVER

We're not crying, you're crying...

Just the Way You Are Flashmob - Lead
Photo: Youtube

On July 22, the Gilbertsons celebrated their 10-year anniversary by ignoring the traditional gifts of tin or aluminum and opting for something truly from the heart.

Carl marked the occasion by planning something truly special that wife Laura, who suffers from neurological disease multiple sclerosis, will never forget.

Just one day after hitting the milestone, Carl—with help from students from Liverpool Media Academy in Liverpool, England—surprised Laura with a flash mob a cappella performance of "Just the Way You Are" by Bruno Mars.

In the full performance above, which runs for nearly four minutes, you see the singers hold up a banner reading "Happy Anniversary, Laura" with a photo of her from their wedding day at the very end.

"At our wedding breakfast I said that 'it is the greatest honor anybody could ever bestow upon me for you to take me as your husband and the most enduring privilege to be able to call you my wife,'" Carl wrote in a Facebook post.

"It was never just a line for a speech, it was how I felt and you spend every day re-enforcing [sic] it," he continued. "Your strength, courage and dignity take my breath away and through most Saturdays at kick-off time you may not think it, you're the only thing that really matters. My babe, you're amazing - just the way you are."

Congratulations on 10 years to this inspirational couple!

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