How to Choose Jewelry to Match Your Wedding Day Look

Photo: Courtesy of Alexandra Grecco

"Jewelry is a key element in completing your perfect bridal look," says Morilee designer Madeline Gardner and we couldn't agree more. Choosing a gorgeous gown is, of course, essential but then comes the hard work, if you ask us. Your accessories have the power to make or break your look if you don't pick them wisely.

There is no rule of thumb here but the main thing to remember is: Don't let your jewelry steal the spotlight that should be on your dress, or you. Making your wedding-day look work is a balancing act and the secret is "teamwork" — each element should complement the rest and, together, you should feel like the star.

Your starting point should always be the gown. "I would recommend for brides that have chosen a simpler gown, to pair the dress with a beautiful diamond necklace with matching diamond studs or statement drop earrings," adds Gardner.

If you have chosen a dress with intricate embellishments or sparkle, she suggests a set of pearls or diamond earrings that "still stand out but do not draw too much attention away from the knockout gown."

And then, of course, you have to consider how your engagement ring and wedding band will look with your choice of dress and jewelry. A classic design, like the Tiffany True (platinum price from $12,400; 18K yellow gold price from $13,500), will play nicely with a variety of styles. The clean-lined ring, which debuted last month, is designed so that the diamond sits a tiny bit lower on its wearer's hand, a contemporary preference.

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Courtesy of Morilee By Madeline Gardner

Less is More

This is Alexandra Grecco's design philosophy. What does that mean in practice?

"Accessories can really take a gown in any direction depending on what a bride chooses," she says.

"I love our more minimal slip gowns, as they act as a blank slate, and work really well with a variety of different accessories. With these pieces in particular, adding an art-deco inspired beaded belt can make the look more glamorous. Adding a fresh flower crown can make it more boho. I personally love the hair accessories from Naturae Design as they are super delicate and create an ethereal vibe."

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Courtesy of Alexandra Grecco

And if a slip dress is not your style, then Grecco suggests opting for a belt or a headpiece with details that are as delicate as the ones on your gown. That way you'll strike the right balance between the two.

Flower Power

For her spring 2017 collection, designer Sabrina Dahan styled her beautiful dresses with equally pretty blooms and the result is breathtaking.

"I love fresh florals in the hair for an effortless way to add color. This is a great way to bring focus to the bride's face as well as tie in elements from her bridesmaids' bouquets," says Dahan.

Courtesy of Sabrina Dahan

"You can achieve this with a loose braid paired with soft florals. I also love the idea of baby's breath sprinkled within beach-y waves for added texture," she adds. "For a ‘wow factor,’ choose one larger flower as the focal point — fluffy peonies or Dinnerplate Dahlias are perfect for this."

Courtesy of Sabrina Dahan

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Your Neckline Says It All

For Moonlight Bridal designers Valerie and Stephanie Chin, choosing your accessories based on the neckline of your dress is a good strategy.

"For a sweetheart or strapless neckline, a shimmery collar necklace or multi-strand necklace would perfectly accent the sweetheart curve and strapless neckline," they say.

If your wedding dress has a halter, strap, or illusion neckline, you might just want to ditch the necklace for a nice pair of statement earrings.

"Accessories such as a plain or beaded sash placed at your waist will help to highlight the smallest part of your frame and accent your gown nicely as well," the designers add.

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