How to Know If a Wedding Dress Is "The One," According to Bridal Designers

With endless options out there, we asked the pros for their best tip on how to choose.

This Is How You Know a Wedding Dress Is “The One,” According to Bridal Designers
Photo: Savannah Miller

For many brides, picking out a dress is one of the more fun parts of the wedding planning process. After all, how often do you get to wear something so elaborate and fancy, or rock white head to toe? It's an excuse to play dress-up and try on tons of styles all while sipping champagne and sharing a laugh with friends and family! The tricky part, though, comes when choosing which dress to actually purchase for your big day. How will you know when you've truly found the one?

According to wedding dress designers, there are a handful of things to consider before making your final decision. They shared their best tips with InStyle, ahead.

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Sharon Sever, Lead Designer for Gal

Galia Lahav

"I always say it's like choosing your husband [or wife] — you know when it's the one. You just feel it. There's something that you cannot explain. Sometimes even during trunk shows, when I meet brides, I just have a feeling that this dress will match her character. Even if it's not exactly what she was thinking of, there's something that happens — this magic when everything comes together. I cannot really explain it in words, but when it's right, you know."

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Savannah Miller, Designer and Founder of Savannah Miller

Savannah Miller Bridal

"For your first appointment, go on your own or with one other person who you really trust. Better to do it on your own, because if you take your whole bridal party along, there are going to be 100 different opinions and it's going to really throw you off your gut instinct. The second thing I would say is to trust your stylist, because they know. They see a million bodies every day, and you may not be gravitating towards something naturally, but they'll be like, 'I know this is going to look amazing on you.' You should trust them. Try on a few wild cards because you just never know."

"Once you've narrowed it down to your top five or top three, then invite your mom, and your sister, and your maid of honor to kind of chime in at that point. But only when you've whittled it down, when you'd be happy with any of them. Otherwise, you'll end up getting very, very stressed."

"I would also advise people to go to a salon that they resonate with and not somewhere that makes them feel intimidated. You just want a really relaxed and lovely place to go, so find one that you feel like you can identify with."

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Justin Warshaw, CEO and Creative Director at Justin Alexander

Justin Alexander Bridal

"Number one, listen to your consultants because they know fit and they know their selection better than anybody. What I notice about brides is, when they found the one, they're smiling a little different. They feel different. There's a lightness. They're smiling before they even get out of the fitting room. So, I think it's listening to your heart, really. And really be open minded, because you never know what you're going to fall in love with."

"The other big key is, if she tries on another dress and she immediately is thinking of that other one, and talking to you about it, you know that she needs to get back in that dress. Because that dress is the top contender. It's probably her dress. Brides develop this attachment to their gown, and you can kind of see that in their reaction."

"I think be open minded, and really read how you're feeling about and reacting to the dress that you're in. And also how you're feeling when you're not in it. It's a separation anxiety."

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