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Everyone always tells you that building your wedding registry is a blast—and it is. I’m a shopper and it really doesn’t get more fun than shopping for gifts for yourself. But once you start adding the kitchen gadgets of your dreams, next level bedding, that grown-up sofa you’ve been eyeing for ages, and more… questions start rolling through your head. “Wait, will I actually use this?” “Is this too expensive?” “What if my guests think we’re being greedy?” “Can you register for too many gifts?” “How many is too many?”

Having gone through the whole process just last year, I can say that my husband and I (yes, we worked on our registry together!) stuck to a few golden rules:

1) We initially registered for as many gifts as there were couples invited to our wedding. We added the gifts we knew we needed—dishes, flatware, drinkware, kitchen tools, bedding, luggage, a bar cart—and then a few items that were special—boxing classes, a cash fund for a special dinner, and little odds and ends that made us both smile.

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2) We added additional gifts around key events during our journey, like our engagement party and my shower. I was sensitive to our registry running low, and wanted to avoid receiving off-registry gifts we did not have space for in our tiny NYC apartment.

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But there’s more than one way to register, which is why I reached out to a few other former brides and grooms about how many gifts they added, their considerations, and tips.

Mix Up Your Price Points

“I had a 250-person guest list and knew that our friends and family had varying budgets. So, I made sure that there were options for everyone no matter how much they wanted to spend.” —Amanda Viscelli

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Consider What Your Guests Want to Give

“We really needed new bedding and a headboard, but we also added fun gifts like a Sonos PLAY:1 Wireless Speaker because we realized some of our guests would want to give us something ‘cooler’ than traditional home upgrades. I have to say, our Sonos is my favorite gift to date!” —Carolyn Zale Young

Think Long Term

“When we were engaged, we lived in an apartment, but when we were registering, we thought about what we’d need once we moved into a house and would host holidays, BBQs and parties. That’s when I started adding gifts room-by-room.” —Joe Horn

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Big

“As time went on, we’d gotten feedback from friends and family on what they wanted to get for us—for example, a few friends wanted to get us a big gift as a group. So we added a few pricier gifts that we hadn't been sure we'd be comfortable registering for at first. Then we marked them as ‘group gifts.’” —Martha Blakey

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Personalize Your Cash Funds

“We honestly had ZERO idea how many gifts we needed so we leaned into Zola’s gift-count recommendation, which is based on the number of guests we invited. We fell short on our recommended number of physical gifts because apartment living is tight! So, to add more gifting options, we priced out certain elements of our honeymoon—airfare, scooter rentals, dinner and drinks, etc.—and then made each of those elements separate cash funds. Our guests loved that they were able to contribute to specific moments of our trip.” —Martha Blakey