By Jennifer Spector of Zola
Updated Aug 01, 2017 @ 1:00 pm
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Zola recently surveyed 800 engaged and newlywed couples about honeymooning. Interestingly, we found out that the mini-moon is continuing to rise in popularity, but it's not replacing the grand vacation. Twenty-five percent of those surveyed said they embarked on both a getaway and a longer holiday.

And, it turns out that Hawaii continues to reign as the top destination amongst our couples. The likely reason? Safety! Seventy-two percent of our audience said global issues like Zika and security are a factor in deciding their honeymoon destination.

So, what destinations took second and third place? Those surveyed were interested in romantic stays in Italy, closely followed by jaunts to Mexico.

Whether you’re traveling to these magical places or somewhere else entirely, make your trip last forever with decor inspired by your chosen destination. For inspiration, check out this list of registry gifts based on the top spots Zola Couples jetted to this year.

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Bring the Aloha spirit home with a few gifts that echo laid-back island life and the insane ocean views.

Poke, anyone? Yes, yes, yes. Register for this bowl and chopsticks set. Blue, artistic glazes create a beautiful pattern that’ll have you re-living that insanely fresh ahi tuna you and yours enjoyed beach-side.

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Frame your ocean-side memories in this elegant frame. The modern bubble motif makes for an abstract beach scene, with a hint of movement, just like that relaxing afternoon tide.

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The scent of jeweled citrus and floral cashmere from this candle will transport you back to your tropical getaway every time you light it.

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From wine glasses to pizza and pasta musts, these pieces let you live La Dolce Vita any day of the week.

Serve your favorite refreshment—vino from an Italian winery you visited, iced tea, even water—and sip it from these handmade drinking glasses. Each glass is made from re-purposed wine bottles.

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Pizza, pizza! This pizza cutter is one of those things that makes cutting and cleanup as easy as pie (sorry, had to). You’ll wonder how you ate a single slice without it.

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Keep dried spaghetti, fettuccini, linguini, or angel hair pasta super fresh in this cannister—it’s functional, elegant on the shelf, and a must-have for pasta connoisseurs.

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Enjoy the thrill of this vibrant culture year round with entertaining essentials and Aztec motifs.

Cheers to keeping margarita night in the weekly rotation with this set. Sipping from these chic glasses will take you right back to the beach.

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Guests will love plopping right down on this pouf. Its geometric pattern will add some exotic flair to any sitting room and liven it up.

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This one’s a hosting must-have. Serve up some chips and salsa, chips and guacamole, chips and queso, crudite and dip—whatever you like—at your next party in this platter and bowl.

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