These Are the Wedding Trends That Have Soared in Popularity in the Past 10 Years

Wedding Trends
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Old habits die hard, they say. Technology may have completely changed every aspect of our lives, but, when it comes to weddings, some traditions still hold true, and it's probably not the ones you'd expect.

According to a new report by WeddingWire that surveyed more than 150,000 couples in the U.S. on how wedding planning has changed over the last decade, a whopping 65 percent said they still send a Save the Date in the mail. Ten years ago, that number was 27 percent. Not only that but, apparently, announcing your nuptials in the newspaper is still a thing.

Another trend that has almost doubled in popularity is the engagement photo shoot. In 2007, 34 percent of couples reported taking engagement photos, while, nowadays, 62 percent have done so. We blame it partly on photo sharing platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram.

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And speaking of which, when it comes to announcing engagements, the preferred method these days is, you guessed it, social media. Ten years ago, only 18 percent of couples made their engagement public via social media (because, you know, the newspaper) compared to 64 percent of couples today. And while only two percent created a unique wedding hashtag for their big day, now, nearly half of couples getting married personalize their wedding day with a hashtag, according to the survey.

Unfortunately, this has some negative consequences as well. There has been a 100 percent increase in the number of couples who say they feel pressure from the media to have a perfect wedding, which has taken a toll on their wedding budgets.

"Ten years ago, couples spent $16,000 on a wedding with an average of 110 guests. Today, couples spend approximately $28,000 with an average of 124 guests," states the survey. That means, while the number of guests hasn't changed dramatically, the amount of money people spent on their wedding has increased by 81 percent. This statistic is somewhat worrying because, according to the U.S. Census ACS survey, the median household income in the country has actually slightly lowered in the past decade from $56,122 in 2005 to $55,775 in 2015. If you ask us, that's just another reason to seriously consider eloping.

More interesting data from the survey shows that the average numbers of hours spent wedding planning per week is eight, and the average length of an engagement has increased from eight to 13 months.

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