Florida Couple Has Been Eating Their Wedding Cake for 60 Years

And there's still some left!

Wedding Cake Slice - Lead
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The Fredericks have been married since 1955 and, in addition to their love standing the test of time and lasting for over six decades, so has their wedding cake. Yes, you heard us correctly.

Ken, 85, and Ann, 81, of Satellite Beach, Florida celebrate every anniversary—all 60 of them—the same way: with a piece of the confection from their nuptials to nibble on.

"Everybody just looks at us with these amazed looks when they hear about it," Ann told Florida Today about the three-layer cake made by her grandmother for she and Ken's wedding August 19 wedding which is a dark fruitcake per family tradition and what was popular at the time.

"Every year, we unwrap it, pour brandy over it—because you need to moisten it—and we break off a piece," she reveals. "Now, our children are appalled that we would be eating something that's 60 years old. But believe me, it's quite tasty, as long as it's got enough brandy on it. And it's never made us sick."

The adorable duo keep the sweet treat stowed away wrapped up and placed in a tightly-sealed Maxwell House Coffee tin kept in a cupboard above their fridge. In addition to sharing a slice every year, a bottle of champagne is thrown into the mix to celebrate.

Ken and Ann met while attending Syracuse University where they studied music and nursing, respectively. He went on to work for 23 years as a music teacher for Central Junior High School and she worked for 27 years in a nursing at Holmes Regional Medical Center—both in Melbourne, Florida.

There's not much left of their wedding cake—and therefore the tradition of sharing a slice. Ken, for one, hopes they're able to partake in the custom next year. While we're sure Ann feels the same way, she knows it's not the cake that actually matters.

She adds: "It has lasted us 60 years, and so has the marriage—which is much more important than the wedding cake."

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