16 Things You Didn't Know About Elizabeth Taylor's Marriages

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It's safe to say Elizabeth Taylor loved getting married, because she did so a whopping seven times. More significantly, these marriages brought major Hollywood drama—as in they make Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Jennifer Aniston's love triangle look like child's play. Most people know Taylor loved diamonds, had a double set of eyelashes, and won two Academy Awards—but are you familiar with the details of her marriages? You're about to be.

1. Her first marriage was to Conrad "Nicky" Hilton Jr. That's right, the Conrad Hilton. Taylor made this lucky guy her first husband in Beverly Hills 1950, when she was just 18. Had they stayed together, she'd be distantly related to Paris Hilton. Just saying.

2. MGM footed the entire bill for Taylor's wedding to Hilton. #JobPerks3. The wedding had 600 guests, but that's nothing compared to the 3,000 fans that showed up outside the Church of the Good Shepherd in Beverly Hills.

4. Before she married Hilton, Howard Hughes allegedly offered to finance a movie studio for Taylor if she'd agree to marry him.

5. Taylor wore a Helen Rose designed dress to both her wedding to Hilton as well as her wedding to Michael Wilding. Rose was MGM's costume designer, and is most famous for making Grace Kelly's iconic gown.

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6. Taylor's second marriage was to Michael Wilding, and he was a whopping 20 years older than her. The age difference didn't exactly work out...

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7. Taylor's next marriage to Mike Todd ended in tragedy: he died in a plane crash just one year after their wedding, leaving Taylor and their daughter behind.

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8. Taylor's marriage to Eddie Fisher was the result of an affair—he was married to actress Debbie Reynolds at the time.

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9. And get this: Eddie Fisher was best friends with Mike Todd—he actually comforted Taylor after Todd's death, which makes everything way more awkward.

10. Here's Elizabeth's statement about the affair: "Eddie is not in love with Debbie and never has been...You can’t break up a happy marriage. Debbie and Eddie’s never has been."

11. Speaking of breaking up, Taylor had an affair with Richard Burton on set of Cleopatra while married to Fisher. She wore a yellow babydoll dress to their wedding in 1964.

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12. The Taylor-Burton affair cased so much scandal that a congresswoman from Georgia tried to stop them from coming back in the country due to "undesirability," and the Vatican published an open letter about their "erotic vagrancy."

13. Taylor and Burton were actually married twice. They divorced in 1974 and got re-married in 1975. Taylor said that if he hadn't died, they may have gotten remarried a third time, that's how in love they were.

14. Taylor married husband number six, politician John Warner, while wearing a massive fur coat. Because why not?

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15. Taylor's final marriage was to Larry Fortensky, a construction worker. They met at the Betty Ford clinic and married at Neverland Ranch, home of Michael Jackson.

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Once, when asked why she got married so often, Taylor said, "I don’t know, honey. It sure beats the hell out of me.”

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