How to Get Perfect Wedding Hair Color
Credit: nextexitphotography

He proposed. You set a date. Now, it’s all about getting all your ducks in a row before you walk down the aisle. Every bride wants to look perfect on her wedding day, and nothing can make the difference in photos more than devoting time beforehand to achieving that perfect hair color. So we asked celebrity colorist Johnny Ramirez for the do's and don'ts of having gorgeous color on your wedding day.

Do start early

Ramirez says the timeline for achieving perfect wedding hair color depends on the condition of your hair and how long you have, but the key is to plan ahead. "If you have a whole year to do rehab [if you need color correction due to temporary damaged hair or over processed hair], then I would suggest coming to see me once every two months to carefully get your hair to a beautiful, flawless, and healthy look,” he says. “If you have virgin hair, I can start seeing you six months before the wedding for a lived-in hair color look so you're camera ready for all the events leading up to the big day. Ramirez also recommends doing a clear gloss every two months to keep your hair shiny and healthy.

DO your homework first

Make several consultations with hairstylists to achieve your dream color and don’t be afraid to interview them. Ask about their technique, what's most gentle for your hair, and what's the most cost effective for you; it can be expensive. Also, do your research if you’re trying someone new. “I always suggest looking at the stylist's social media to see their work,” he says. “Pictures speak louder than words (and yelp reviews!)."

DON’T be afraid to bring pics

“Most women come to me and say ‘I want to look like this,’ then we can sit down and see if it will fit their face or if they will let me do what's best for their skin type and eye color,” he says of referencing a photo. Ramirez's instagram serves as a giant inspiration board of looks, with many clients coming in and showing him exactly what they want based on the works of art displayed right on his page.

DO go slow if you want to make a big change

If you do decide to go from brunette to blonde, go gradually instead of trying to do it all at once. “I could sunkiss the ends or take you to dirty blonde, then before it's two weeks out from your wedding, I would add baby blonde highlights around your face,” he says. “It would all be so natural and very lived-in.”

DON’T do something drastic

“A lot of women like to go for a drastic change or major color change,” Ramirez says. “Remember, your fiancé proposed to you because he loves the way you look. In my experience, I would personally suggest telling your fiancé that you're going to go from jet black hair to a blonde or red head. It's like buying a house, you both should know what you're getting into.”

DO consider the location of your wedding

Something you may not have thought of before—your wedding venue is important when thinking about your hair color goals. “Tell your hairstylist if it's an outdoor or indoor wedding,” he stresses. “The natural sunlight tends to expose any red hues you have in your natural hair color and that would pick up on film.”