Grab the tissues! 
Disney Proposal Lead
Credit: Curran Wong

Eight years ago Curran Wong asked Shari Hakim to be his girlfriend in an over-the-top surprise—so expectations were high when it came time to pop the question. And Wong did not disappoint on October 8 when he pulled off a Disneyland proposal for the history books.

Taking aspects of both Aladdin and Up, Wong set out with pal Tim Gettys to surprise Hakim. The trouble here, though, was pulling off something incredible without causing too much of a scene and getting kicked out of Disneyland.

Here's what they came up with: while Hakim was busy watching a video on her phone, all their friends and family quietly arrived and then Wong got down on one knee to ask the big question.

Disney Proposal 2
Credit: Curran Wong

You'll have to watch the video—tissues in hand—and see the magic for yourself:

"It was one of our first dates in 2009 when we watched Up for the first time and truly fell in love with the movie," Curran Wong told InStyle. "The whole idea of it was how we viewed our relationship in which she really taught me that adventure is out there. Shari, the more go-getter attitude and type A personality versus me, the more laid-back, conservative type B personality."

Disney Proposal 1
Credit: Curran Wong

The couple—who consider each other Aladdin and Princess Jasmine—are already looking ahead to their wedding day and seeing just how much Disney they can fit into the occasion.

"Shari is not wasting any time in planning and is on Pinterest 24/7 and, you can take my word, everything is Disney-orientated," Wong added. "I guarantee 110 percent that our wedding will be at Disneyland, and it will undoubtedly be one of the best moments of my life."