And it was super magical.

By Carson Blackwelder
Updated Oct 03, 2016 @ 3:30 pm
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Dawn Browne/Degrees North Images

For a couple who got engaged next to the Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland, we’d expect nothing less than a huge dose of magic at their wedding and Ty and Ashley definitely delivered.

The bride put her DIY skills to the test when crafting and arranging each centerpiece for the reception and even wore an Alfred Angelo for Disney Weddings gown that truly transformed her into a princess. After all the fun, Ty and Ashley honeymooned at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

“It took time to collect and even make all the different items needed to theme each table differently,” Dawn Browne of Degrees North Images, the photographer for the couple’s big day, told InStyle. “The guests loved it though and spent part of their evening wandering around each table. It was definitely a great way to get the guests mingling!”


Dawn Browne/Degrees North Images

This table features a pumpkin carriage—just like the one that helped Cinderella get to the ball where she met Prince Charming.

The Little Mermaid

Dawn Browne/Degrees North Images

At this table, we find a dinglehopper (a fork, not a comb) and a snarfblatt (a pipe, not something that makes music).


Dawn Browne/Degrees North Images

The table based on Rapunzel featured an array of lanterns like the ones from that oh-so-moving Tangled scene.

Beauty and the Beast

Dawn Browne/Degrees North Images

The bride crafted a rose with twinkle lights to accompany Mrs. Potts, Chip, and Lumiere figurines.

Sleeping Beauty

Dawn Browne/Degrees North Images

Yes, that is Sleeping Beauty’s castle sitting at the center of the head table, harkening to where the couple got engaged.


Dawn Browne/Degrees North Images

At the center of the Frozen table, there’s a big snowflake sitting atop a pile of snow (or, you know, cotton).

Snow White

Dawn Browne/Degrees North Images

Not-so-poisoned apples and a not-so-enchanted mirror are the center of attention at this table—not the seven dwarves you might expect.

Alice in Wonderland

Chesni Cooper/Degrees North Images

A tea set and an antique-style clock sit at the center of the table modeled after Alice in Wonderland.


Dawn Browne/Degrees North Images

OK, so this isn’t exactly a table centerpiece, but we have to acknowledge how adorable the couple’s wedding cake is featuring Carl and Ellie’s chairs from Up.