Once upon a time...

By Carson Blackwelder
Updated Sep 29, 2016 @ 5:30 pm
Taylor Snyder Art & Photography

What's better than one princes? Two, of course! Two brides, Yalonda and Kayla, put together a Disney Princess-themed photoshoot back in June 2016 that is quite impressive and perfectly showcases their storybook love for each other.

The couple—joined by their photogs Taylor Snyder and Erin Miller, and their event coordinator Tess Kirkland—took the magical snapshots at Romantic Moon Events Center (where they got married this month) in Glyndon, Minnesota.

Taylor Snyder Art & Photography

"On the day of the shoot, they were very excited," Taylor Snyder, one of the photographers, tells InStyle. "Yalonda had the whole thing planned and was very good at telling us what she wanted out of the shoot. Kayla followed along with what Yalonda wanted to do and they were both fantastic models. It was so easy to capture the love between them—it just radiated."

Taylor Snyder Art & Photography

Kayla dressed up as Belle from Beauty and the Beast—with the iconic yellow ball gown—while Yalonda opted to go as Cinderella—with, yes, the big blue gown. There were props galore such as a Mrs. Potts and Chip tea set, a rose, glass slippers, and fairytale books.

Taylor Snyder Art & Photography

These ladies have been together for about 2-and-a-half years after first connecting on Plenty of Fish. They met in March 2014 and now they're married and officially newlyweds.

Sun & Moon Photography

"Their wedding truly was like their own fairytale," Snyder adds about the duo's big day. "Guests came dressed as their favorite characters, and for the dinner there was even a pig roasted with an apple in its mouth. It was a beautiful day for two very beautiful brides, a very happy ever after for Kayla and Yalonda."

Congratulations to the lovely pair—now we need to see Prince Charming and the Beast get hitched!