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Fact—destination weddings are fun. But they can also be a huge burden on your bank account. Earlier this year, released a survey which found that, on average, weddings guests spend at least $600 on wedding-related travel and events with most of that money going for airfare and accommodation.

So if you are on a tight budget and need to save a few bucks, it's essential to book your plane tickets and hotel room when prices are at their lowest.

"Booking a flight 60-90 days out is optimal for getting the best price for domestic travel, right around the time you should be getting your official wedding invitation," says Brigit Zimmerman, SVP Air & Vacation Packages at

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If you're headed abroad, your final destination will be the most important factor in determining when to book your tickets.

"A good rule of thumb is the further your destination, the earlier you should book. For example, you can book flights to Mexico and Central America about three months in advance, but for Asia you’ll likely want to book closer to six months ahead of time," suggests Zimmerman.

Another way to cut down travel expenses is to look into flights to and from smaller airports. Some low-cost airline usually fly out of regional airports, which allows them to offer more affordable airfare.

One of Zimmerman's top tips for scoring a good deal is to consider bundling flights, hotels, and even car rentals together to produce additional savings.

"Consider reserving a vacation package that includes both airfare and hotel because travelers can save up to hundreds of dollars when bundling them together," she suggests. "By bundling two one-way flights, you may get a better deal than a round trip."

And when it comes to your accommodation, Zimmerman says that even though brides and grooms will often get a block of rooms at a selected hotel for a discounted rate for their guests, this may not be the cheapest option for you after all.

"While this might seem like the most affordable option, you may find even lower discounts at nearby hotels — especially if you wait until the last minute," she says.