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"There is a fine line between being sexy and being over the top," say bridal designers Valerie and Stephanie Chin of Val Stefani. "It is all about balance."

Most brides, especially those getting married in a religious ceremony, are not inclined to try the "sexy look" on their wedding day, because they are afraid it may be "too much" and end up being disrespectful. But the truth is that "tasteful sexiness" is something you could go for as long as you don't cross that line Valerie and Stephanie Chin talk about.

Their advice?

"If you are looking for a gown with sexy detailing be sure to balance your look out with sleek hair, makeup, and accessories," they add. The idea here, of course, is not overdoing it—if you'd like to wear a sexy dress, do it, but don't go for ultra seductive makeup or hairstyle.

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For designer Galia Lahav, women are sexy creatures by definition, and there's nothing wrong with embracing that idea.

"Obviously, every woman expresses it differently," she says.

She recommends focusing on one particular feature that you love the most about your body, such as your back, heels, collarbones, chest or chest bones, and then accentuating it in a suitable way through the cut of your dress, or the detailing such as a beautiful embroidery, mix of fabrics or ornaments.

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But the most important thing to remember, according to Lahav, is don't compromise on comfort and convenience. "Wear something convenient enough to dance in, because that is what will make the difference between an attempt to be sexy, and to actually being sexy."

Madeline Gardner of Morilee says sexy isn't about showing a lot of skin. You could also go for a shapely gown that follows your curves or a beautiful embroidery with a touch of sparkle.

"If you have a princess sense of style, even the grandest of ball gowns can show a little skin through a bare midriff or an elegant off-the-shoulder neckline," she adds.

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"Rocking a slit dress is also the ultimate chic statement, allowing a certain mystery while showing some bare skin," suggests French designer Rime Arodaky. "A good play on lace and opaque fabrics can instantly upgrade a look. Brides-to-be should flaunt their silhouettes, yet leave something to the imagination."

Leaving something to the imagination is the key element all designers agree on. This and attitude, which Arodaky says is also so very French.

"The Parisian way of looking tastefully sexy on your wedding day is, first and foremost, an attitude – the way you carry yourself – which translates into that certain je ne sais quoi."