Ring Mug
Credit: Courtesy of The Yes Girls

Your significant other just popped the question and you said "yes"? Well, now it's time to spread the news on social media. And, no, we're not just talking changing your relationship status on Facebook.

To help you pull off a creative announcement that all of your friends and family will remember, we asked professional proposal planners Heather Vaughn and Sarah Glick to give us their best tips for spreading the happy news on social media.

1.Tell a story.

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“Try to include elements of your proposal in the photo. For example, if your significant other popped the question with a trail of rose petals, that should be the background of your ring pic,” suggests Sarah Glick, proposal and wedding planner at Brilliant Event Planning.

If it’s impossible to capture it all in one photo, make sure to tell the story in the caption or include elements of it using hashtags. This will make your post personal and stand out from the crowd.

2. Wordplay is always a good idea.

“Play off of fun verbiage in your picture’s caption. For example, if you got engaged on Independence Day you could say something like, 'Fireworks weren’t the only thing in the air last week,'" says Heather Vaughn, founder and marriage proposal planner at The Yes Girls.

Another clever way to announce your engagement is to show a shot of your ring with him or her kneeling in the background and then caption it "Forever has a nice RING to it!" or "We are going ROCK steady!"

3. Re-enact the moment.

“Emotions will be running wild during the moment, so soak it all in and enjoy it! Then, once you’ve celebrated and had a moment with your new fiancé(e), shoot the 'down on one knee' pose with the perfect positioning, backdrop, lighting, makeup touch ups, etc,” advises Vaughn.

It doesn’t need to be an Oscar-winning performance so don’t stress it. Just think about how great your photo would be—a perfect shot without purses or hats in the way that you will be proud to share in all its glory!

4. Film it.

“If a video is taken to capture the proposal, use a verse from the song playing in the proposal video as part of your social media caption,” says Vaughn. “Another option is a fun movie quote like, ‘Why do you wanna marry me anyhow? So I can kiss you anytime I want’ from Sweet Home Alabama.”

This is such a cute way to capture your special moment on social media while playing off something your fiancé(e) incorporated into the proposal itself.

5. Think outside of the box.

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Admit it, showing off your ring on social media is pretty much what it’s all about. And that’s OK—after all, the ring is the symbol of your engagement. But we have all seen way too many boring ring shots, so make yours a memorable one.

“For all those coffee lovers out there, post a picture with a witty coffee mug and your new bling. There are tons of adorable coffee mugs that say things like ‘Does this ring make me look engaged?’ or ‘This is my wedding planning mug,’” says Vaughn.