This Couple Is Paying Nearly $10K to Livestream Their Wedding on Social Media

Live Streaming Weddings
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Want to live like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West for a day? It’ll cost you. Just ask UK residents Zoe Anastasi and Will Diggins, who are paying upwards of £6,500 (that’s about $9,500) to have a company called Status Social livestream their upcoming wedding on June 16. Sure, they could have just asked their friends and family to Periscope during wedding, but Anastasi and Diggins wanted to leave it to the pros.

"It's worth spending thousands of pounds because you only get the chance to tell the amazing story of your wedding day once," the bride told BBC. "It's a day of pretending to be a celebrity; it's the closest you'll ever get to feeling famous, and who wouldn't like that?" added Diggins.

You might be wondering why it costs so much to hire someone to stand there with a cell phone and press record, but it’s way more involved. Anastasi and Diggins’ team consists of seven(!) people, all with different roles and tasks. For example, the social media manager’s job is to set up and run the Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Periscope accounts, while the social media weddings copywriter “ensures all wording used in the package is perfect.”

It might seem a bit over the top to some, but the bride and groom say it’s no more intrusive than a traditional photographer and videographer. Plus, their international relatives can feel like they’re part of the wedding without actually being there.

What’s also pretty cool is that the whole world can follow along by using the hashtag #ZoeAndWill2016. In fact, they’ve already starting seeding content so that by June 16, their wedding will be trending.

I love this photo of the happy couple. Keep sharing them #zoeandwill2016

A few years ago, the W Hotel made headlines for reportedly offering a “Social Media Concierge” for $3,000 to livestream weddings in New York City. While it’s unclear if the hotel still offers that service, a newer company called Maid of Social provides something similar here in the U.S. — but Maid of Social goes one step further by connecting you with brands and social media influencers to get even more eyeballs on your wedding in real-time.

What ever will they think of next?!

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