A different approach to the mile-high club.

In Flight Wedding
Credit: cherriesandbanana/Instagram

When Nathaly Eiche boarded a flight from Vienna to Greece with her boyfriend of five years, she never expected that she was headed to her honeymoon. Little did she know that beau Jürgen Bogner had an elaborate plan that would have them get engaged and married mid-flight!

"I knew it was something I had to do," Jürgen told ABC News, admittedly feeling pressure with Nathaly's girlfriends all tying the knot recently. "I wanted to do a big thing. Because you only do this once in a lifetime and in my opinion it has to be great. It's the best day of your life."

With a lot of help from Austrian Airlines, 36-year-old Jürgen put his plan into motion and secretly procured an engagement ring, a wedding gown, a bridal bouquet, the wedding bands, a violinist, and an officiant.

"The people in front of me started singing Bruno Mars' 'Marry You' and they started looking at me," 28-year-old Nathaly told the outlet. "But I didn't realize this was meant for me."

But, when she stood up, Nathaly realized it was all for her.

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"Then he said, 'OK, let's make this day even more special and let's get married right now on the plane.' And I was like, 'Yeah! Of course! Let's do that,'" she recalled.

Better yet, Jürgen had thought ahead and planned to have their family members hiding in the back of the plane. This meant that, during the ceremony, Nathaly was able to walk down the aisle (not beside of, obviously) with her father."It was unbelievable," Nathaly added. "It worked out. He did a really good job. I had no idea."

The couple—who also took photos in the cockpit—exited the plane in true style: dressed to the nines, holding hands, wheeling a suitcase reading "Just Married" with cans clattering behind it.

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