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This Couple Exchanged Ring Pops at Their Wedding
Credit: MandyElk/Getty Images

In a moment that would make Willy Wonka cry tears of happiness and Marilyn Monroe cry tears of horror, engaged couple Mandy Grogg and Ryan Williams' rings were stolen before their wedding day. And um, they replaced them with straight up Ring Pops.

Apparently, the duo (who live in Germany) realized their rings had been stolen from a delivery truck just a few days before their walk down the aisle, so traded up for something sweeter.

“We both shrugged and jokingly agreed that this would be our luck. It all kind of felt surreal and didn’t sink in until honestly the next day," the bride tells Buzzfeed. I think we were so busy focusing on being positive that we didn’t accept that something with such sentimental value was taken.”

Mandy and Ryan were already legally married (and had a baby) at the time of their ceremony, so they decided not to take up Helzberg Diamonds on their offer to replace their rings. Instead, they hunted down some ring pops in Platte City, Missouri.

A couple exchanged Ring Pops at their wedding after their rings got stolen

“It wasn’t about having rings, or everything be perfect, so we chose to laugh it off and do something fun," Mandy explains. “Unfortunately, someone that night definitely ate them. We’re not sure who, but they were consumed at some point in the night!”

That aside, she says "The kid in both of us couldn’t have been happier with how everything turned out.”

Honestly this story is perfect, and a reminder that getting married is so much more that the material aspects of having a wedding.