Talk about having a purr-fect day...

By Carson Blackwelder
Updated Aug 08, 2016 @ 5:30 pm

What could make your wedding day more amazing than having your furry friend—whether you want them to or not—join in on the fun?

Since today is International Cat Day (#InternationalCatDay for those of you social media lovers), we thought we'd treat you to 11 of the cutest photos of felines—probably enjoying themselves a little too much—on their human's big day.

Sit back, keep scrolling, and have your local ASPCA on speed dial as you enjoy these fabulous snapshots:

This cat who is upstaging its owner by nailing an over-the-shoulder pose.

The cat who just wants to be held.

This cat who is looking directly into your soul.

The cat who is a stowaway under the bride's dress.

This cat who loves shoes just as much as we do.

The cat who just wants to dance with somebody—or a tree.

This cat who is just passing through... a photoshoot.

The cat who is basically a maid of honor.

This cat who is clearly smizing with the bride.

The dressed-up pair of cats who cannot even deal with the excitement.

And lastly, this cake topper that was made with cat people in mind.