By Lindsay Dreyer
Updated Jun 02, 2016 @ 10:45 am
Bud Light/YouTube

Bud Light has officially come out in support of same-sex marriage — with a little help from their trusty spokespeople Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen, of course. America’s fave beer released a brand-new commercial on Wednesday featuring the marriage of Steve and Greg, whose wedding is just like any other wedding. You know, the same cringe-worthy speeches, the girl who's a little too excited about catching the bouquet, and cake. Lots of cake.

“Bud Light proudly supports everyone’s right to marry whoever they want,” states Rogen, following a Bud Light toast to the groom and groom.

This commercial is part of Bud Light’s 2016 presidential election advertising campaign, “The Bud Light Party,” which parodies the candidates as they travel around the country pitching their beer to fellow Americans. Ellen DeGeneres released the spot on social media, and then it aired for one night only in California and New York on June 1 — the start of LGBT pride month.

“We created this spot because equality for all Americans is a concept that unites many Bud Light drinkers,” Bud Light Vice President Alex Lambrecht Lambrecht told WSJ. “All weddings — regardless of who is getting married — share many similarities and moments to celebrate.”

And cake. Lots of cake. Oh yeah, did we mention cake?