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Couples nowadays are looking for creative and unique ways to celebrate their nuptials so it's no surprise that long-held wedding traditions are giving way to alternative ideas and new approaches to getting hitched. Don't want to spend a year of your time (and money) planning a day's worth of festivities? Opt for a pop-up wedding or an off-the-grid elopement. White's not really your color? There are plenty of gorgeous colorful dress options to choose from. Don't want your celebration to leave an enormous carbon footprint? Here are a few ways to avoid it.

It has never been easier to do things your way and customize your wedding day to match your worldview and lifestyle. That's why we were especially excited to learn about brunch weddings. Because what could be better than celebrating your love with a casual gathering of your closest friends and family over Champagne cocktails and French toast?

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Apparently, the trend is really taking off. According to Pinterest's 2017 Wedding Report, there's a 35 percent search increase on the social media platform for "daytime weddings with brunch-themed menus."

To help us make sense of it, we reached out to to event designer extraordinaire Bronson van Wyck, whose clients include Chanel, Salvatore Ferragamo, Hermes, Beyoncé, and Hillary Clinton, among many others. Here's what he had to say about the trend and how to pull it off in an elegant way without sacrificing a brunch staple—bacon.

On brunch weddings:

"After a slew of black tie weddings over the years, a brunch wedding feels crisp and fresh. With so many more daylight hours to behold, it’s nice to have such a long stretch of time with natural light. You don’t need dusk or twilight to feel sexy and romantic, brides and grooms can glow in the sunshine and guests no longer need to wait for five o’clock for a cocktail."

The vibe:

"The casual nature of a brunch wedding allows the bride and groom to take the time to go around the room to spend a few moments with every friend and family member. A long, multi-course seated dinner can often take time away from catching up, laughing, and telling stories with each other. Other little touches will always make a wedding memorable–maybe it’s a welcome note to each guest upon arrival or just time to lounge in the sun together as a group after the brunch."

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The decor:

"In lieu of candles, which can feel out of place during the day, opt for flowers that are in season and fresh herbs. Potted basil, oregano, and lavender bring a fragrance to the table, a dash of color, and take up space that might have been saved for hurricanes or candles.

Brunch is a time for color! Yellows, oranges, greens, blues–they feel just right for daytime and can be incorporated into flowers, linens, chairs, pillows, china and more. I also like integrating more natural textures into the table like rattan, wood and bone – they feel elegant yet relaxed, much like a leisurely brunch with friends."

The menu:

"Incorporate the herbs on the table into the food and drinks served to your guests. Serve fresh squeezed juices or Southsides with fresh mint and frittatas and tomato salad with fresh basil to keep the menu light and seasonal. To feel special, a simple dish of eggs can be enhanced with a touch of caviar and don’t forget the bacon. Finally, a time of the day when it’s appropriate to go big on bacon!"

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The entertainment:

"A jazz band, flamenco guitar, or even mariachis will feel upbeat and fun but not too loud and boisterous. But don’t be afraid to spring for a dance party post-brunch. If your crowd likes to throw down, then don’t let the sun stop you. Bring in a DJ for an afternoon session and start the fun early. Your guests likely don’t have plans after the wedding so keep them entertained!"