Something old became something new.

80s Wedding Dress - LEAD
Credit: Courtesy of Allie Ware

Allie Ware wore a brand new wedding dress when she walked down the aisle but, in a big twist, took the gown from her mom's big day in 1986 and—with a little help—turned it into an updated showstopper for the reception.

"We used to watch [TLC's Something Borrowed, Something New], where they remade mothers' wedding dresses," Ware told Yahoo Style. "She was like, 'I would love for you to do that,' and I was like, 'No!' Her dress was definitely '80s, and definitely not something that I would wear."

80s Wedding Dress - Embed 1
Credit: Courtesy of Allie Ware

Ware—a news anchor for WAPT in Jackson, Mississippi—admits that she "did steal it, in a sense" when taking the gown from under a bed in her grandmother's house without telling her mom. Ware took it to the woman tailoring her main dress, who removed the puffy sleeves and bow in the back as well as flipped the skirt around (putting the satin on the inside rather than the outside).

"She loved it. She cried—but she cried the whole weekend," Ware added, recalling the October 22 festivities. "It was special, in that I could have a piece of her with me on my wedding day. Maybe one day, somebody will wear it again in the family."

It's only a matter of time until we see this as a challenge on Project Runway...