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When Jeni Stepien got engaged to her fiancé Paul Maenner last October, the bride-to-be immediately thought about not having her dad to walk her down the aisle. Her father had been brutally murdered ten years ago and the family had donated his organs through the Center for Organ Recovery and Education. The man who received his heart was Arthur Thomas who at the time, Stepien told the New York Times, was days away from dying.

"One of my first thoughts in that following week [after my engagement] was, ‘Who will walk me down the aisle?’ I was thinking, ‘Oh, my gosh, it would be so incredible to have a physical piece of my father there,'" Stepien told the Times.

Then her fiancé suggested she contact Thomas and ask him to walk her down the aisle. And so last Friday, Stepien and Maenner were married in an emotional ceremony in the church in Swissvale, Pennsylvania.

“I am so grateful for every single moment that led up to this. I cannot think of a person more deserving of my father’s heart than Tom,” she said.

Now try to watch the video above without sobbing uncontrollably like we did.