Most demanding bride EVER?

Bridesmaids Lead
Credit: TriggerPhoto/Getty Images

Bridesmaids usually wear the same dress, shoes, accessories, and even hairstyles (within reason), but that’s generally where the uniformity stops. Unless you’re someone a Reddit user calls Ella, who reportedly had the nerve to ask her ginger friend to dye her hair brown to match the other bridesmaids. Nope, can’t make this stuff up.

Here’s the post it its entirety, from Reddit user Bridehairthrowaway:

Not surprisingly, an overwhelming number of comments were like WTF?! And we couldn’t agree more. Wanting your bridesmaids to match is totally understandable, but we draw the line at asking someone to alter their physical appearance — which, as one Reddit user points out, would likely draw more attention away from the nuptials.

“Thank you for confirming I'm not crazy,” Bridehairthrowaway wrote after receiving hundreds of comments. “I was considering offering to wear a wig, but I even think that's kind of weird. She was just so casual about it she made it seem like a normal occurrence.”

We’re going to file this request under “not normal.”