This gives a whole new meaning to "prepare for takeoff."
Iceland Wedding - Helicopter
Credit: CM Leung/Youtube

Familiar with the head-scratching decision of which photo to choose from a shoot? Well, this bride sure won't be faced with that tough choice.

Renowned wedding photographer CM Leung managed to take an exceptionally stunning snapshot of a woman on her big day—dressed in her gown, no less—as a helicopter ascended behind her.

Let's set the scene for you, shall we? On the rocks at the edge of a cliff in Iceland a bride holds an ethereal pose like a total boss. With her veil draped ever so perfectly behind her, the Icelandic Coast Guard chopper takes off and that's when the magical moment happens.

As the helicopter rises, out on a rescue call, Leung manages to take one incredible photo before he and the woman are knocked to the ground in what he calls a "dangerous shot."

"Whoa. That was close," the Hong Kong-based photographer and his colleagues are overheard saying in a video of them looking over the footage. "That really was very close."

While it looks like the chopper is flying just above the bride's head, Birgir Örn Sigurðsson, a member of the Víkverji SAR in Vík, Iceland, tells PetaPixel the copter was a relatively safe distance.

We would say don't try this at home but, to be completely honest, this seems like a once-in-a-lifetime moment.