She painted with ALL the colors of the wind.

By Carson Blackwelder
Updated Sep 08, 2016 @ 5:30 pm
Wedding - Rainbow Hair
Credit: taylorannart/instagram

Taylor Ann is a self-proclaimed “messy artist” but from the looks of her beautifully dyed wedding dress we’d have to just simply call her a genius.

The 24-year-old amped up the gown she planned on wearing for her big day by taking her ombré hair—that contains hints of pink, blue, and purple—as inspiration and adding a major dose of color to the traditionally white garment.

"When I said I was going to paint my wedding dress, I was surprised no one tried to steal all my paint and hide it until after the big day," Taylor Ann wrote on her site. "Trust me there were some really concerned people! But white is not allowed in my closet ... so I had to.”

The Californian bride chronicled the tale of how the project went down, from buying the gown from a discount store (despite it being seven sizes too big) to all of the hiccups along the way (like starting out with colorful patches and changing methods) to achieving the flawless outcome.

“At first I was 100 percent sure I could do this. Twenty minutes into coloring, I thought I ruined my dress. It took a few days for me to regain confidence and work on it again,” Taylor Ann added. “I just took my airbrush I had been using to get nice fades of color on the flowers and just sprayed it, and kept spraying it more and more. All in all it was about three layers of paint on each layer of fabric, and even on the inside of the lace edge.”

Taking her wedding look to the next level, Taylor Ann wore a pair of platform boots underneath this sunset-inspired creation. For her hair, she chose a gorgeous side-swept braid.

This is what we call a DIY wedding dress.