2020 brides, beware.
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If only picking a wedding date were as easy as dragging your finger along a calendar and landing on some random Saturday. In reality, planning involves a lot coordination, from choosing a venue to booking a DJ, and famed astrologer Susan Miller also recommends conferring with the stars. She's already done the research for the year ahead, and found a few days when you really don't want to get married in 2020.

InStyle met up with Miller to celebrate her new partnership with wedding registry service Slowdance, which was founded by wedding and events planner Jung Lee. Together, the women worked to coordinate collections of china and decor fit for every astrological sign, which brides-to-be can now browse and shop online. Also on Slowdance’s website are detailed descriptions written by Miller herself, explaining how astrology can affect all aspects of a wedding, from the couple's overall taste or honeymoon location preference.

“Nature teaches us what each sign likes because you’re born at a certain time of the year,” Susan tells us, explaining how beneficial it can be to organize registries by sign. “If you walked into this store by yourself…well, we all need a little help.”

Astrologist Susan Miller and wedding planner Jung Lee
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Miller says many couples come to ger for help picking the perfect wedding date based on their birth charts. However, because of a variety of retrogrades in 2020 — all of which signal some form of bad luck — she's been having a hard time finding times that work for everyone's schedule.

“Next year, we have Venus retrograde from May 16 to June 29 — not good,” she says. “Ideally, I would not want to get married during that time because Venus retrograde means that love cools.”

Miller is also concerned about a different time span later in the year, which could have a big impact on an important part of your relationship.

“Mars retrograde is from Sept. 9 to Nov. 16 next year, and if you get married with Mars retrograde, the sex is terrible. It’s a masculine energy,” she says. The astrologer adds that getting married during the more common Mercury retrogrades — which are known to cause general confusion and questionable judgment — could equal disaster as well. “I would not suggest that,” she says. “That’s a contract.” (Mercury Retrograde is said to be a terrible time to ink deals of any kind.)

Instead, Miller suggests that couples get married beforehand, on the perfect astrological date (which will be easier to pin down once you black out all those retrogrades), and then have their celebration whenever they want. If you've gotten your legal documents in order NOT on a shifty retrograde date, you can choose that perfect June or September Saturday you've been imagining.

“Next year, no matter if you're planning a wedding, or launching a business or if you're buying a house, you really have to tiptoe between the tulips. There are good days and bad days, but they're kind of next to each other,” Miller explains. She also interrupted herself to make clear that there's one milestone the stars won't mess with: "Not having a baby — it's always a good time to have a baby," she said.

Thankfully, Miller has put together an easy-to-read calendar on her site, AstrologyZone.com, where people can read more about these retrogrades, what they mean, and then plan around them to pick the best wedding date for their signs in 2020.