Introducing InStyle's Best of Weddings Awards

Photo: Falcon Griffith for Chellise Michael Photography

For the past month on InStyle, you've been reading all about weddings: how to make a brilliant toast, pull off a sexy wedding dress, and choose a modern first-dance song. We even tell you what can go wrong—and how to rebound, fast.

Today we present Best of Weddings, our editor-curated picks in wedding beauty, style, planning, and travel.

See our list for the best options for making a wedding web site, finding a vintage ring and renting a tux. If you're a bride, you need mascara that won't run and foundation that won't get shiny, and we've got those too. If you're a maid of honor in search of some bon mots, we've got a speech assist from two experts. When it's all over, you'll be ready for that honeymoon, and so we present the top hotels in 10 of the most frequently searched honeymoon destinations on Google.

Browse this list for the best planning app, our favorite blog for inspiration, and shapewear—so much shapewear!—for every type of body and dress style.

Planning a wedding can be complicated, but at the end of the day it's the memories you make with the ones you love that matter most. For everything else, InStyle's Best of Weddings guide is here to help.





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