One of the problems with online registries is that even though they provide you with the convenience of not having to actually visit a store, by the time you're done with your entire registry, you have created five different accounts at five different online retailers and keeping track of every single one of them becomes time-consuming and burdensome.

That's why we love You can register for gifts or experiences such as workout classes, and create personalized cash funds—all in one registry—and they offer free shipping on almost everything on the site. (They only have a delivery surcharge on big, heavy furniture).

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Speaking of shipping, another great thing about Zola is that they let you choose when your gift ships. Why is that helpful? If you have planned a particularly big wedding, imagine what your mail box would look like if most gifts were shipped around the same time—worse still is when they all arrive on your honeymoon. You'll get a real-time notification from Zola when the gift is purchased, and then you can decide if you want it shipped ASAP or if you'd rather have it at your door step at a later date.

Your guests will also appreciate the group gifting option for big-ticket items because they can contribute as much as they want. It really is a win-win, if you think about it.

Keeping track of who sent you what is pretty easy with a tool that lets you export a list of your guests and their gifts so you can personalize your thank you notes later. Don't forget those!