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Weddings celebrate a union between the bride and her groom, along with the blending of families, friends, and traditions. So it's no surprise that things can get a bit complicated. From awkward family run-ins to a guest list snubs to social media do’s and don’ts, there are plenty of etiquette queries to consider.

Who better to guide all of your big day’s decorum than the late, great renowned etiquette expert Emily Post. In Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette ($16, amazon.com), Anna and Lizzie Post modernize their great-great grandmother’s formal rules of conduct so brides can approach their day with ease and grace. Delivering timeless wisdom, updated for the modern era, this book, a sort of Dear Abby for weddings, becomes the comprehensive guide to maximizing bliss and minimizing stress.

The book, now in its sixth edition, covers everything from announcing your engagement to crafting a drama-free seating chart to graciously accepting gifts. Other wedding etiquette books, like The Everything Wedding Etiquette Book ($9, amazon.com), also share genuine advice for tackling any sticky wedding situations, like asking your friends to not post photos or asking your in-laws for some financial support, but none put human emotion and experience in the center quite the way this one does.

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"Let consideration be your guide," is the core philosophy. "Make decisions based on maintaining and caring for the important relationships in your lives."

Which is pretty much the formula for a happy marriage too.