Best DIY Wedding Resource: Pinterest

Photo: Erik Khalitov/Getty

Nothing adds a personal touch to your wedding like a bit of DIY magic. Whether you’re the queen of crafts or simply looking to save on centerpieces, DIYing some elements of your wedding can pay off visually and financially. And where better to find ideas than Pinterest?

While there are a number of great sites and books on the market, like DIY Wedding Manual: The Step-by-Step Guide to Creating your Perfect Wedding Day on a Budget ($25, no two brides are the same, so a one-stop location that can accommodate any aesthetic and theme is clutch. Pinterest, with its massive database of links to the best ideas and sites around the Internet, is exactly that.

A weddings section on an Explore page curates “the best ideas on Pinterest today"—everything from wedding cakes to bachelorette parties to extensive wedding day checklists. If you're not sure where to start, the site delivers dozens of fresh ideas daily.

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The real strength of Pinterest, though, lies in its search function. Simply searching DIY Weddings leads to a seemingly neverending scroll of pins. But, if you want to get really specific, which of course you do, the site also recommends a bunch of other keywords including “Budget,” “Invitations,” “Centerpieces,” and even “Arches” will guide you to the DIY database of your dreams. You can get even more specific, with “DIY gothic wedding decorations” or “DIY winery wedding tablescape."

Even if you haven’t done arts and crafts since elementary school, with Pinterest, there is quite literally something every single bride can do themselves.

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