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If there's anything we can all agree on, it's that weddings are expensive. And we don't just mean for the bride and groom, whose expenses can easily skyrocket to the tens of thousands of dollars (and that's not even counting the honeymoon). The cost of attending your best friend's nuptials as a guest or as part of the bridal party is not cheap either. And with wedding season only a couple of months away, now is probably a good time to start saving some of your paycheck—especially if this is shaping up to be one of those years when you have several celebrations to attend.

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According to a survey, conducted in February, people spend at least $600 on wedding-related travel and events, with a big chunk of that money going for hotel and accommodations. In fact, finding an affordable place to stay seems to be a pain for most wedding guests. Forty-one percent of respondents spend the most on hotel and accommodations—more than airfare, and have said that this is the number one source of tension within a group.

Almost a quarter of the people who have attended a bachelor or bachelorette party have reportedly dropped between $800 and $1,000 or more. With that price tag, no wonder that most guests start saving three to four months in advance.

The survey also found that while most people are happy to attend a wedding-related event because it is an excuse to celebrate or spend time with the bride and groom, travel for travel’s sake is also a major motivating factor—47 percent of respondents were happy to attend a wedding celebration because it gave them a reason to travel.

New York, Los Angeles, and Miami were the most popular wedding-related destinations. If that seems a bit obvious to you, it's because, when it comes to their wedding, apparently, most couples are unwilling to experiment with new destinations and go for cities that they know well.