I Tried On 5 ASOS Wedding Dresses, and Here's My Honest Review

If you're searching for a bridal gown for less than $500, you might want to check these out.

I Tried On 5 ASOS Wedding Dresses, and Here's My Honest Review
Photo: Courtesy Asos, Samantha Sutton

A few months ago, in the midst of beginning to plan my wedding, an email from ASOS arrived in my inbox. It was the site's annual trend report, and aside from highlighting its customers' love for halter tops and noting its super-stocked beauty department, the detailed breakdown revealed that ASOS sold 1.5 million bride and bridesmaid dresses in 2021.

Umm...what?! ASOS sells wedding dresses?

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew I'd heard this fact before, but now that I was a bride-to-be, it actually meant something to me. Wedding dresses aren't cheap, and it was both surprising and enticing to find out you could score one for less than $1,000 at ASOS, a retailer I already love, partially because of its massive petite section (I'm 5'0 and usually wear a size 2). Last year alone, 15,000 people purchased ASOS' Iris dress, a classic lace design that totaled $225 (it's now on sale for $124). And, as you browse, you'll come across a variety of plus-size looks, petite gowns, poufy sleeves, and sleek, simple designs — anything your heart could desire for your big day.

Still, I couldn't help but be skeptical. Wedding gowns are usually a pretty big-ticket item, and for good reason when you take into consideration the level of craftsmanship and detail they tend to include. Would these more-affordable gowns look and feel just as special as the boutique designer dresses I'd been gravitating toward? So, I called in a few to see, and (barefoot, in my blue childhood bedroom on Staten Island) tried them on for myself.

Here's my full review of ASOS's wedding dresses.

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ASOS Edition Alyssa Satin Wedding Dress

Dress 1

When I ordered this simple, button-front dress, the text on ASOS' site alerted me that it was "selling fast!" I can see why: a chill bride, who might be longing for some sort of bohemian desert wedding, would totally love this easy, comfortable look. If you ask me, they might even want to pair this dress with a wide-brim hat instead of a veil! My current size is a 2, so that's what I got, and while it did fit, it was a tad snug (so size up if you're in between sizes). Also, as previously mentioned, I am petite, so most of these dresses would have to be hemmed length-wise, but I did enjoy that this one featured a small train, which would make for a gorgeous back moment as you walk down the aisle.

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ASOS Edition Tabitha Embroidered Off Shoulder Wedding Dress

Dress 5

Ask anyone — I'm puff-sleeve girl! This whimsical detail is a mainstay in my everyday wardrobe, so naturally, I'm all for wedding dresses that include it, too. This option was sweet and classic, not overly complicated, but does include floral embroidery up top and a mesh skirt, which give it that something special. What you're not seeing here is all the buttons down the back, which will 100% require some assistance to fasten. However, if you're a glam, girly bride who also wants to highlight their hair and makeup, I say this dress is for you.

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ASOS Edition Luna Embroidered Wedding Dress

Dress 4

When looking at what ASOS had to offer, this design stood out as a true wedding gown. It was slightly sheer up top, complete with floral embroidery and a full, poufy skirt — all details I've seen in so many stunning bridal looks. I'm getting married this fall, so those long sleeves were a plus for me, and once I actually slipped this dress on, I was surprised to find it was both lightweight and easy to move in. The downside, again, were all the buttons in the back, which were not the easiest for my assistant (read: mom) to fasten. And, while that is a small price to pay for something so pretty, the price tag is worth noting, too; this dress was originally $600 (the most expensive on this list!), but is currently on sale for $450.

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ASOS Edition Willow Embroidered Twist Front Midi Wedding Dress

Dress 3

I've debating changing into a second look for my reception, so I chose to try one of ASOS' short wedding dresses as an option. Since this one is a slim fit, I'll admit it's not exactly something you can let loose in (so, it's a no for my second look), but I can see it working great for anyone who wants an unconventional and slightly sexy wedding look, or even as a fun rehearsal or bridal shower dress. There were a handful of buttons down the back (it's a cutout situation) but fastening them miraculously gave my A-cups a little cleavage, so I was fine with that detail.

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ASOS Edition Lola Satin Structured Off-Shoulder Wedding Dress

Dress 2

Is it just me, or does this dress remind you of Adele? ASOS' structured, off-the-shoulder, front-slit design is my favorite of the group, but...it ran small! While I ordered my usual size 2, I couldn't fully zip it up, but the good news is, you're able to return or exchange ASOS pieces if you hold onto the original packaging and don't remove the tags. This wedding dress also felt heavier than the others, the material was thick and decent quality. Somewhere out there, a romantic, princess-loving bride needs to add it to cart!

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