Adele Pulled This Lucky Couple Onstage and Invited Herself to Their Wedding

Best. Wedding. Ever.

Photo: Dave J Hogan/Getty

A very lucky couple just added an extra special VIP guest to their wedding next year: Adele.

At the British pop star's concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Tuesday, August 9, two men were invited onstage. And, during the trio's chat, the "Rolling in the Deep" singer invited herself to their nuptials.

Things started out totally normal with the 28-year-old hitmaker complimenting one of the guys, Vince, on his cardigan game while the other, Ryan, said he was "not Adele ready."

After explaining to Adele that they were fiancés and getting married in Montana in September 2017—including a brief description of where the heck Montana is—they got an unexpected response.

"Oh, I'm free!" the Grammy winner said. "Can I come? I'd love to come!"

Vince throws Adele for a loop by revealing that he'd dreamt this would happen—notice her reaction to that gem—and Ryan asks how much her rate to perform at the ceremony would be, prompting her to say she'd do it for free.

Adele, being the goddess she is, takes a selfie with her new friends in the video compiled by Vince thanks to fellow concertgoers sending along footage of the couple's moment in the spotlight.

In the end, Adele does let the guys know there's a chance she might not make it to the wedding—because she's freaking Adele and that makes sense—but her well wishes are more than enough to make up for potentially missing the festivities.

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