Style Me Pretty's Abby Larson Shares Her Top Picks for Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue

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It’s wedding season, ladies and gents. Whether you’re a bride-to-be or a guest of honor, you’re likely familiar with the age-old bridal saying, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” For the uninitiated, it originates from an old English rhyme, which also suggests that the bride should have a silver sixpence (translation: a coin worth one-fortieth of a pound) in her shoe. For the superstitious among us, the collective items are meant to be tokens of good luck for your marriage: “Something old” symbolizes continuity; “something new” represents hope for the future; “something borrowed” signifies good fortune; and “something blue” stands for love and purity.

“Tradition still reigns queen,” says Abby Larson, founder of the popular wedding site, Style Me Pretty, who we recently caught up with at One Kings Lane’s studio in downtown N.Y.C. to toast the site’s new specially curated wedding registry for millennials. “But the rhyme is different for everyone. A lot of brides will wear pieces of their mother’s gown that they’ve incorporated into their wedding look, or they’ll wear an old piece of jewelry from their grandmother.” Below, check out her choice suggestions for the four crucial items you need to have on-hand during your special day. And if you’re feeling like an anglophile, a dime taped to the sole of your Manolo Blahnik, too.

Something Old

“Jewelry is your best bet. Try pinning a brooch to the bouquet, or inside the groom’s coat or the bride’s underskirt,” Larson says.

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Something New

“This is the easiest one—most likely, everything you’re wearing is new, so you hardly have to think about it,” she says.

Something Borrowed

The goal here is to be less serious and have fun," Larson says. "Try a friend’s lipstick!”

Something Blue

The trickiest of the bunch, Larson suggests you “Monogram your married name with blue thread on the inside hem of your skirt.”

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