By Dobrina Zhekova
Updated Jun 22, 2016 @ 10:00 am
Credit: Maggie Winters

Fact: weddings are a lot of hassle. You spend a year planning out the smallest detail for your big day — from floral centerpieces to napkins and favors. And, let’s be honest, all that comes with a pretty hefty price tag. But if you are looking for a no-fuss-lets-just-get-married celebration, pop-up weddings are the way to go.

We spoke to Maggie Gaudaen, co-founder of Washington DC’s Pop! Wed Co., on why you should skip the months-long wedding planning drama and have a popup wedding instead.

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Credit: Maggie Winters

1. It’s perfect for couples who want a smaller celebration.

“A pop-up wedding usually pops up somewhere in the city, almost like a mini flash mob. It’s really small. Our pop-ups outdoors are usually under 10 guests and our pop-ups where we actually do rent a venue just in case the weather is horrible, are around 25,” explains Gaudaen.

So if you and your fiancé have decided to get hitched only in the presence of your closest friends and family, a pop-up wedding can be the perfect option for you as they are meant for a smaller group of people.

2. It gives you a lot of freedom.

“There is a lot more room for experimentation, going with the flow, taking things however you want to on that day instead of planning out all day to the minute,” says Gaudaen.

The trademark of pop-up weddings is really spontaneity. You can get married wherever you want — there is no need to book a venue months in advance because most places would easily accommodate a short ceremony attended by a handful of your friends and relatives. And as far as the reception goes, the sky is truly the limit — a picnic, a backyard barbecue, a dinner at your favorite restaurant — the options are limitless.

Credit: Maggie Winters

3. You don’t need to spend months planning it.

With pop-up weddings you can actually get married within weeks or even days.

“What we would usually do is talk to our couple about where they met, their relationship, what they like to do and all kinds of different things, and then we suggest them locations around the city based on their preferences,” explains Gaudaen.

Then all you need to do is show up and say I do.

4. It’s really affordable.

News flash — weddings are very expensive. Want proof? According to The Washington Post, the average cost of a wedding in the country was $32,641 in 2015. In Washington DC, where Gauden and her team work, it’s even higher — $37,034. In New York City, it’s a whooping $61,265. And a huge chunk of that money is spent on renting the venue.

“We take out a lot of the extra stuff and we really focus on the things that we really know are the most important for us and for the couple. So we focus on the photography and the location and really creating this awesome experience,” says Gaudaen.

To compare Pop!Wed Co.’s packages start at $2,900 and that includes the ceremony, a photo session, and your choice of wedding day treats, like confetti, for example.

Credit: Maggie Winters

5. It’s about you, not the event.

When you start planning a traditional wedding, you quickly realize that, at some point, it becomes less and less about celebrating your love and your new life as a married couple and more and more about seating arrangements, feeding 200 people, and wedding décor.

As Gaudaen puts it: “It becomes an event centered around the group instead of an event centered around the marriage.” Popups really revolve around the idea of getting married without all the hassle that comes with planning a wedding.

“We wanted a wedding that we would remember and be able to enjoy, knowing we could always plan a party for a later date with everyone else,” say Hillary and Gwendolyn Hearn who got hitched at a DC brewery.

“One of the coolest things was that they were still giving active tours during our ceremony on their brewing floor so we had total strangers stopping to watch and listen and then congratulate us after the ceremony. We truly felt loved and accepted by everyone there.”