These 4th of July-Inspired Weddings Are Red, White, and Fabulous

Pinterest to the rescue, per usual.

Naked wedding flower cake
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July 4th happens to be a three day weekend, and therefore an optimal time for weddings. But going too far with a fourth theme can quickly turn a chic wedding into a backyard barbeque—and not necessarily in a good way. The fabulous news is you can easily strike the balance between patriotism and matrimony, and the secret lies—where else?—Pinterest. Check out 13 completely inspired ways to infuse a little American pride into your wedding without going nuts and wearing a flag as a veil. (Though, if that's your jam, go forth.)

1. Exit in Star-Spangled Style

Give July 4th fireworks a nod by driving through a shower of them on your way out. Stunning.

2. Sparklers > Flowers

Instead of having your flower girls throw, well, flowers, have them hold child-safe sparklers as they walk down the aisle. Literally, cutest thing ever.

3. No Really, Sparklers Are Everything

Try giving them to your guests so they can write your name in the night sky!

4. OK, Fine, Bust Out an American Flag

American flags don't exactly scream romance, but you know what does? Some good lighting and a diffused camera filter. (Pro-tip: get a vintage flag for a shabby-chic look.)

5. Actually, Turns Out American Flags Are the Most Romantic Ever


6. Break Out the Twinkle Lights

Arranging twinkle lights in clusters on your ceiling will give the effect of fireworks, a nice shoutout to July 4th that's not too extreme.

7. Red, White, and Blue Food, Done Right

Instead of reaching for the red and blue food coloring, use natural ingredients to color your noms. The result is 1,000 times more whimsical.

8. Ice Cubes = Perfect Accessory

If all else fails, just pop some blueberries and strawberries in your ice cubs. Mini flags, guys!

9. But If You *Do* Use Boxed Dye...

Let them eat (an American flag) cake.

10. Or a Confetti Cake

More sparklers = less problems.

11. Hide Some Pride

Have your groomsmen up their outfit game with these fun American flag socks.

12. Theme Your Favors

These s'mores gift bags are the actual best.

13. Sun Fade Your Streamers

Bold reds, whites and blues aren't the most romantic colors, but you can diffuse your canopy of streamers with a little sun + H20. Way more wedding-appropriate, right?

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