These 2017 Wedding Trends Will Definitely Surprise You

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If you are getting hitched this year and are in desperate need of #inspo, today is your lucky day. The Knot just released its annual report on the top wedding trends for 2017 and it seems that the world is moving toward more environment-friendly celebrations.

Inspired by Pantone's Color of the Year—Greenery, which symbolizes a reconnection with nature—the website is reporting "a rise in décor going au naturel" and "couples giving back with their weddings in more ways than one."

While hosting a beautiful wedding is still the No. 1 priority for brides- and grooms-to-be, reducing the carbon footprint from it is equally important to them. Opting for in-season and locally sourced food and flowers as well as having your stationery made from recycled paper are just some of the ways to pull off a sustainable wedding, according to The Knot.

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Bringing nature indoors will also be big this year. Incorporating natural elements such as wood and stone into your table settings, or adding potted trees and shrubbery to a ballroom will completely transform the place and give it an enchanted forest look.

Another trend to consider is having a charity register. Instead of creating a traditional register of houseware items, consider supporting a cause that's close to your heart—something that your guests will also be happy to participate in.

Other highlights of the trend report include translucent cakes that have a thin layer of frosting with just a little bit of the cake showing, incorporating cute farm animals into your wedding (such as bunnies or piglets), and hiring an illustrator to walk around and sketch your guests as an alternative to the traditional photo booth.

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