Nothing's ever been more relatable.
Wedding Planning
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Wedding planning is the most fun ever! Yay! However, it's also stressful, nerve-racking, and filled with all kinds of emotions. So many emotions that the only way to truly understand a bride's state of being during the many, many, many months of careful planning is through gifs. With that in mind, here are 13 things you'll only understand if you're about to take a walk down the aisle.

1. Convincing yourself that $5,000 is a totally reasonable amount of money to spend on a gown:

*Opens new credit card, represses internal screaming*

2. Fearing your bridesmaids totally hate their dresses.

Are they talking about me behind my back, y/n?

3. Spending hours stressing about your color scheme like it's the most important thing in the world.

Because it is, mmmk?

4. Realizing your mother wants to wear something completely crazy down the aisle.

Nope. Pass. Bye.

5. When your friend asks if they can bring the random they met on Tinder as a plus one.

And you say yes because you don't want to be a smug married type.

6. When it all becomes too overwhelming, and you're like "let's just elope."

Why do we do this to ourselves, seriously?

7. Attempting to find shapewear that is sexy but also practical.

If you find some, let a girl know.

8. Watching your bank account dwindle.

Whatever, who needs money? (Answer: literally everyone, but shhhhh.)

9. Practicing your first kiss with the S.O.

Striking the balance between romantic and parent-approved = hard.

10. Practicing your first dance, literally everywhere you go.

Never not having a dance party.

11. People being late with RSVPs

What. Is. Wrong. With everyone.

12. And then when they do RSVP, they're like "also I'm bringing my two random friends, k?"


13. And finally, that feeling when you're a unique combination of thrilled/nervous at all times.

So many emotions.