Macarons - Lead 2016

Wedding traditions are a good thing, but as the old saying goes: Rules are meant to be broken. When I attended my friend's beautiful wedding at the Château d'Igé in France three years ago, she and her husband had the most amazing macaron tower in lieu of the traditional wedding cake and I couldn't help but think how appropriate and refreshingly creative that was (not to mention absolutely delicious).

Even Pinterest agrees—more and more couples are opting out of the multi-tiered cake and going for something equally tasty and crowd-pleasing but more personalized and fitting to the kind of ceremony they are having. Below are 10 wedding cake alternatives to consider adding to your special day menu.


First of all, we haven't met one single person who doesn't like cupcakes, mkay?! A dessert table arranged with different kinds of cupcakes will be a total winner at your barn celebration.


Jetting off to Europe for an intimate wedding with your closest friends and family? Then consider a colorful macaron tower to make your big day even sweeter.

Cake pops

For those of you who still want to go the old-fashioned cake route, may we suggest bite-sized cake pops? You can have them made in different flavors so you're not just getting a taste of one kind of cake. Genius, we know.

Chocolate bonbons

The perfect dessert for a chic, urban celebration.

Mini tartlets

Having a vineyard wedding in wine country? Tartlets are a French classic so delicious no one will even think of asking you for cake.

An assortment of pies

Gettng hitched in romantic Charleston? Then opt for a dessert table filled with an assortment of locally-baked pies.

Ice cream sandwiches

Let's be honest—we'd all much rather have ice cream at a summer wedding than a heavily-frosted vanilla cake.

Strawberry towers

Chocolate-covered strawberries? Who can say "no" to that?!

Cheese cake

And we mean that literally—rounds of cheese on top of each other make the perfect "cheese cake" to complement your vineyard wedding.

Mini dessert cups

If you ask us, everything "mini" is a good idea, because that way your guests can taste different kinds of dessert flavors.