By Mehera Bonner
Updated Jun 03, 2017 @ 9:00 am
New Line Cinema

It's a nice day for a white wedding! By which we mean, it's a nice day to binge watch cute wedding scenes from some of the most romantic movies of all time. We've rounded up our favorite iconic Hollywood nuptials to put you in the mood for love — or, in the case of The Godfather, put you in the mood for Italian food and mob movies.

The Godfather
Arguably the *most* iconic movie wedding scene in cinematic history — and with an amazing soundtrack to boot.

Sex and the City
Big and Carrie's New York nuptials didn't exactly go as planned (ahem, that's an understatement), but this scene will go down as one of the best wedding moments ever. (And don't stress, they get together in the end.)

Runaway Bride
There's nothing more classic than watching Julia Roberts and Richard Gere ride horses into the great unknown after getting hitched on Runaway Bride. Though this moment happens during the movie's end credits, so, er, spoiler alert.

Behold, Edward and Bella cementing their vampire-human love with a angsty/emo wedding.Swoon. By the way, Bella's dress is seriously stunning — is it any wonder you can buy recreations all over the internet.

Love, Actually
What, a giant band didn't show up at your wedding and surprise you with a version of "All You Need Is Love" by The Beatles? Well, that's what Love, Actually is for. Join us as we live vicariously through this moment.

The Graduate
If you only have time to watch one scene from The Graduate, make it this one. Sure, Ben doesn't make it in time to stop Elaine's wedding, but they most definitely run away together right after she says "I do" to another man. It's a truly poignant ending, and Elaine's bridal look is on point.

Wedding Crashers
How adorable is it when Owen Wilson interrupts his best friend's wedding and declares his love for Rachel McAdams? Also, side note: Rachel McAdams has some serious skills when it comes to picking romantic movies to star in. Clearly she's winning at life.

A Walk to Remember
We know, we know, A Walk to Remember (aka your favorite movie in middle school) ends in tragedy. But that doesn't mean Mandy Moore and Shane West's wedding wasn't #goals.

No one does a wedding like Disney! Cinderella got her happy ending when she married Prince Charming, and they looked fabulous (girl is totally on the choker trend). The only royal wedding that even comes close is Will and Kate's. Almost.

Mamma Mia!
The entire plot of Mamma Mia! revolves around Meryl Streep reconnecting with her one true love, and at the end of the movie they totally get married and it's totally adorable. If there was an Oscar for great wedding scenes, Meryl would clearly win.