Woman Lost Her 1.3-Carat Wedding Ring in Lake Michigan—But Someone Found It!

See, miracles *do* happen!

Engagement Ring Found
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Jamie Kennedy's trip to Lake Michigan ended in disaster when her 1.3-carat wedding ring went missing, so she turned to Facebook in the hopes of—somehow, maybe—finding it.

"Feeling beyond sad, sick, and disappointed that I lost my wedding ring IN Lake Michigan today," she wrote on July 22. "I don't usually believe in miracles but if anyone sees any posts on Facebook or hears anything about rings in South Haven let me know."

The post—which included a map of Jamie's movements that fateful day—began racking up a few thousand shares and people began searching.

Two days later, on July 24, the sparkler was found by John R. Dudley, the president of a metal detector club in southwest Michigan, and two other men.

After John sifted through sand and waist-deep water to find Jamie's prized possession, he posted his discovery on Facebook with the sweetest message: "I didn't do it for the money or fame (like I do my magic shows), I did it because it's the right thing to do. I got my 'reward' when I saw her tears of happiness."

Now the two are fast friends and have already taken an adorable photo together. "Miracles do happen!!!" Jamie wrote in an update post thanking the "complete strangers" for their kind deed. "This was nothing short of amazing!!!!!! I feel like I'm in a dream right now. It doesn't even feel real!! Wow!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart John!!!!"

Jamie, like most anyone, even woke up the next morning having to remind herself that it wasn't a dream after all.

H/T: USA Today

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