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Ice Ice Baby Wedding - Lead 2016

Move over, Vanilla Ice. This bride has more swagger than we could have ever imagined!

Ina O'Brien officially delivered the best wedding toast in history and did so last month shortly after tying the knot by taking us back to the '90s with her "Ice Ice Baby"-inspired tribute.

Dedicated and directed mostly at new hubby Aiden Dwyer, Ina raps: "Ice Ice Baby, He's my nice, nice baby. He bought me Ice Ice Baby [flashes ring], Now I'm his wifey baby."

Check out the more than 3-and-a-half minute video for yourself and be amazed:

Ina is clearly a pro at the mic and has the ability to drop some sick rhymes. Another standout line features the newly-married Irish beauty poking some fun at herself.

"My mum's so proud, Aiden take a bow, Mainly because I'm your problem now," Ina jokes.

Plus, she had a posse as two of Aiden's groomsmen donned dark sunglasses and somehow managed to keep relatively straight faces during the entire performance.

As of publishing this article, this video of Ina's epic rap has garnered 230,000 views on Aiden's Facebook page and—as any good viral video does—will likely continue growing!