13 Gorgeous Bridal Nail Ideas to Elevate Any Wedding Look

From minimal designs to intricate art, there's a manicure for everyone.

Wedding Nails

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When it comes to wedding beauty looks, hair and makeup usually take first priority. But even the smallest details deserve love and attention on a day of celebration. That's right: we're talking about wedding nails. Consider this your crash course to get the best and most gorgeous manicure to help you celebrate a day full of love.

You can expect to see classic designs like the '90s French manicure and mesmerizing marble. You can also count on plenty of geometric shapes and mini half-moons to inspire you. Oh, and don't forget about glitter. Whether it's minimal or full coverage, sparkles are a mainstay for any and all bridal looks.

To help you start brainstorming your look, we've pulled some of the pretties nail designs for you to consider. Below are 13 wedding nail ideas to make your special day that much more special.

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'60s Mod French Manicure

Wedding Nails

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The French mani is a staple for any and all occasions. For your wedding day, give it a '60s mod vibe with thicker and more rounded tips on long almond-shaped nails for something really elegant.

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Gun Metal Shine

Wedding Nails

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Whether you're a guest or it's your day to celebrate your love, you can never go wrong with a full-coverage silver metallic nail. Cool and shiny, this almond-shaped metallic wedding nail is just striking.

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Blizzard Effect

Wedding Nails

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If celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik isn't on your wedding beauty mood board, change that ASAP. Bachik is responsible for some of the most stunning nail looks on Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, Anne Hathaway, and so many of our favorite celebs. This manicure on Nicola Peltz Beckham, which he coined the "Blizzard French," is the perfect bridal nail and mixes white and bare shades for a pretty ombré effect.

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Barely There Shimmer

Wedding Nails

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Sometimes all you want is just a hint of shine. To elevate a muted pink base, gently paint on subtle shimmer all over for something understated in the most elegant way possible.

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Reverse French

Wedding Nails

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Fulfilling every beauty minimalist's dream, this reverse French manicure is simple and chic. Against a bare nail, draw on a thin line of silver glitter along the bottom cuticle for a unique spin on a classic.

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Geometric Tips

Wedding Nails

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If you want to update the French mani, turn it on its side. Have the classic white tips painted from one side of the nail, covering the top half in an almost half-moon shape for something more dynamic.

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Glitter Bomb

Wedding Nails

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To make your nails really shine, go all out on the shimmer. Mix it up and paint your nails with different glitter finishes for something fun and flirty.

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Rosy Marble

Wedding Nails

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Add some design interest to a plain pale pink nail with a marble effect. It's mesmerizing and lovely to look at, plus it goes with any wedding outfit.

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Mini Half (and Bare) Moons

Wedding Nails

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An easy way to elevate a simple pink nail is to go the mini half-moon route. But if you don't want to mix in any other shades, you don't have to. Leave the base of the nail completely bare and paint around to make that half-moon shape for something subtle and unexpected.

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Glazed Pearl

Wedding Nails

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The glazed-anything look will be going strong this year and probably beyond — and for good reason. The sheen will gorgeous with any bouquet and make you stand out in a crowd. It might just be the perfect bridal manicure.

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Dainty Details

Wedding Nails

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French mani? White heart decals? Sheer shimmer? For those who don't want to choose one single design, we say go for it all. Mix and match different art for a party on your wedding nails.

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Silver Lining

Wedding Nails

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It doesn't take much to update a classic design like the French mani. Simply request a thin silver metallic outline at the bottom of the white tip to put a different — albeit very small — spin on the classic '90s nail.

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Negative Space

Wedding Nails

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Give the French mani the modernist treatment with this stunning combo of bare nails and shimmer. Simply outline the shape you'd normally have for the tip with silver glitter and keep the rest of the nail sheer for one of the more dynamic wedding nails out there.

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