The 7 Wedding Makeup Trends You'll See Everywhere in 2023

From boldface jewels to a classic red lip, there's something for everyone.

Bridal Makeup

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When you think of bridal makeup inspiration, terms like "subtle," "effortless," and "classic" come to mind. Basically, looks that are timeless. But with a new year comes a new wave of makeup trends. And this year is no exception. We're calling it now: 2023 will be all about going bold.

Nothing is off limits: candlelit skin, sparkle, and color are all trending. We're talking rhinestone-studded eyelids, delicate face jewels, and different variations of the red lip. And if you're a traditionalist at heart, there is no need to worry. Those mainstay looks — a bold lip, neutral palettes, and long lashes — will still be huge through the 2023 wedding season.

So if you're looking for some wedding inspo, see what the experts predict will be the biggest bridal makeup trends of the year. Scroll down to see which of the seven looks speaks to you.

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Sparkly Lids

Bridal Makeup

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"I’m really surprised that more brides aren’t wearing more reflective makeup, because it looks so good in photos and videos, especially in lower lighting," says celebrity makeup artist and the genius behind Euphoria's iconic makeup looks, Donni Davy.

"There’s nothing more magical (in makeup) than a light-reflecting sparkly detail that literally twinkles with you as you move in and out of direct lighting." She recommends using something like Half Magic's Chromeaddiction Shimmer Eye Paint to get that shimmer to catch the light just right.

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Red Lips

Bridal Makeup — Red Lip

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You can never go wrong with a classic red lip. Celebrity makeup artist Neil Scibelli says that red lips and minimal makeup have been trending for a while and will continue to be big this year and beyond. "It's a timeless way to wear a pop of color without having to wear too much makeup," he says. "I've personally loved creating looks featuring a red lip for weddings which can be worn in all seasons. You can also find your red with variations of orangey reds, deep reds, and classic reds."

His personal go-to for wedding lips is Neutrogena's MoistureSmooth Color Sticks. "They come in a range of beautiful wearable colors that are perfect for a wedding day, and they also leave a hydrated glow on the lips for a long-lasting pout," he says. "I’ve used the shade in classic red on brides before, as well as the plums and [neutrals] on brides. They’re also easy and ideal for touching up."

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Rhinestone Lids

Bridal Makeup — Bejeweled Lid

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Davy is also a huge fan of adding some special sparkle to your eyes with tiny rhinestones on the eyelids. "Tiny rhinies (as I call them) are actually super dainty and understated," she says.

She recommends something like the Half Magic Beauty Stick-On Face Gems for rhinestones that are easy to put on for a disco-inspired reception and last all day (or night) long.

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Statement Lashes

Bridal Makeup

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Scibelli confirms that lashes are always a statement trend for weddings. They can give the eyes more depth and add volume to your natural lashes. For either false lashes or extensions, he recommends going for a medium-style lash that it's not too overpowering yet still full enough to pop in photos.

For false lashes especially, he says you'll want to make sure you're going with something that is lightweight and has a flexible band so that it stays on all night. We like Lashify's The Fluffy Wing Gossamer Set for its natural-looking length and volume.

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Neutral Palettes

Bridal Makeup — Neutral Palette

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If minimal makeup is your vibe, Pimentel says to go for a neutral palette that brings out your natural features. "This can be achieved with a simple nude-toned smoky eye and a glossy [bare] lip," she says. She recommends using something like CTZN Nudiversal Duo in Fez for a good neutral lip.

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Candlelit Skin

Bridal Makeup — Dewy Glow

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Having a natural glow is one of the most-requested looks Scibelli gets when he's working with brides. "Bridal makeup should enhance one's existing, natural features without feeling overpowering. So, glowing skin is always trending," he says. "It's important to feel and look like yourself on your big day."

He recommends prepping your skin with hydrating and brightening skincare to create the ideal canvas for makeup. When looking at base makeup, he says to go for foundations that offer a "candlelit effect," which he says is a romantic, lit-from-within finish.

Don't forget the body when it comes to your glow. As an alternative to getting a spray tan, he says to use something like the Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer to get an even, natural-looking color. "This is a streak-free, natural glow that works gradually to tan and hydrates the body while — most importantly — [is] transfer-proof," he says. "The color won’t bleed onto any fabrics, and it gives the most beautiful hint of color without being overpowering."

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Face Jewels

Bridal Makeup

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"Face crystals are a fun way to dress up a makeup look on a wedding day...for that extra spark," says Scibelli. "It's also a fun party look for the evening." He especially likes jewels along the brow bone and the inner and outer corners of the eyes.

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