6 Chic (and Easy) Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Who says you can't have it all?

Wedding hairstyles for long hair

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We all know weddings can be stressful. From the cake to the location and budget, there are a lot of difficult decisions to be made in not a lot of time. But that doesn't mean your hair has to be one of them. When it comes to wedding hairstyles — for long hair specifically — there's a wealth of inspiration for an easy, chic look for your big day.

Let's get one thing straight, though: Easy doesn't mean boring. In fact, these styles are anything but. You've got face-framing tendrils, unstructured ponytails, and tousled buns that elevate any ensemble and suit any hair texture. You've also got classics like romantic beachy waves and that effortless "I-woke-up-like-this" bedhead in the mix. Whether this is your special day or you're just a guest witnessing all the love, there's something for everyone.

Below are six wedding hairstyles for long hair that hit the perfect sweet spot of elegant and simple to copy. Scroll down to find the right one for you.

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Unstructured Ponytail

Wedding hairstyles for long hair

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Fekkai Stylist April Story says that an unstructured ponytail goes with any dress and any wedding theme. Plus, you can wear your pony high, middle, or low, based on your preference, making it one of the most versatile wedding hairstyles around.

To get the look, Story advises starting with dry hair and dividing your hair into sections. If you want some extra volume in your pony, curl each section with a 1.25-inch curling iron to create natural waves. "Feel free to be messy with it, as we're going for that unstructured look," she explains.

Next, you'll use a comb or your fingers to tie your hair back and secure it with an elastic. Then create a gap in your hair right behind the elastic to pull the rest of the ponytail through so it's flipped over. Story says that this will make your ponytail look fuller while still giving off that effortless look. Finally, spray on hairspray (Story recommends the Fekkai Clean Stylers Volume Lock Hairspray) to lock it all in place.

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Tousled Low Bun

Wedding hairstyles for long hair

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There's nothing like an elegant updo at a wedding. Instead of smoothing out your curls for a sleek look, Story says to lean into your natural texture if you're going for a low bun.

To get started, use a root lift or volumizing spray to plump up your hair before gathering curls lightly at the nape of your neck. You'll then want to twist the sides as you wrap your hair into a bun. Secure it with an elastic and wrap it into a knot. Then, secure your hair with pins for extra support. For that extra bridal detail, Story is a fan of adding a fun hair accessory as a finishing touch.

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Intentionally Undone Hair

Wedding hairstyles for long hair

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Balmain Hair Couture's master educator Glennda Rommelaere is a fan of an effortless vibe — and so are we. She recommends playing up your natural texture if you plan on wearing your hair down. Think of it as a hairstyle that looks like you... but maybe a little more polished.

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Wispy Tendrils

Wedding hairstyles for long hair

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An easy way to spice up an updo, at least according to Rommelaere, is to add some face-framing tendrils in front. To get that wispy effect, she says to press a straightener down your hair at a 45-degree angle and create a slight bend.

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Romantic Waves

Wedding hairstyles for long hair

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The one is an oldie, but goodie. You can't go wrong with soft waves for a classic wedding, and Story says all you need is a curling iron or wand to make it happen. Simply wrap your hair loosely for that slight movement and a natural-looking wave.

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Effortless Pony

Wedding hairstyles for long hair

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Rommelaere says that a ponytail is a great way to play with volume on your special day. She advises keeping the updo loose (rather than slick and polished) for an easygoing and effortless vibe. If your hair isn't naturally wavy or curly, make sure to curl your hair before putting it up for some added texture. Then, section out your bangs (if you have them) and backcomb the crown of your head for added volume. You can go with a high or low pony — just make sure to secure it with an elastic band.

Rommelaere suggests wrapping a piece of hair around the base of your ponytail for a seamless look that hides your elastic. Secure a piece of hair after it's wrapped around your ponytail with a bobby pin and finish with a volumizing spray. Rommelaere recommends the Balmain Hair Couture Texturizing Volume Spray for added body.

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