My 70-Year-Old Mom Finally Found a Volumizing Solution for Her Perpetually “Fine, Flat Hair”

Shoppers also found that the hot tool "doubled" their volume.

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Voloom Hair Iron

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Lush hair hardly runs in my family. As a teen, I’d tease my tresses immeasurably in pursuit of bombshell volume, only to end up with knots and frayed ends. (Now, a decade later, I rely on extensions for some semblance of body.) My mom — who, I should preface, is truly stunning — is the genetic root of it all. Currently 70 years old, she’s bemoaned her “horrible” hair — which, I’ll admit, is hardly her most striking feature — for as long as I can remember. Ultra-fine and quick to flatten, she deems it “spindly, frizzy, and fine.”

When I learned about Voloom — a volumizing hair tool garnering stellar reviews and TikTok fame — I immediately shared word with my mom. In the few months she’s been using the tool, she’s wholeheartedly confirmed: Voloom is totally worth the hype. “It absolutely works,” she shared via FaceTime, her formerly tired tresses notably transformed into bouncy bob.

 Voloom Petite 1” Inch Professional Volumizing Ceramic Hair Iron


Shop now: $140;

The Voloom Professional Volumizing Hair Iron is a hot tool designed to add body to flat, thin, or otherwise limp hair. By creating a crimp-like bend at the root — which subsequently lifts and supports the overlying hair — Voloom conjures volume where it otherwise doesn’t exist. The process takes mere minutes, and results can last for days. 

At first glance, you could easily mistake Voloom for a flatiron. Like a straightener, the tool has a V-shaped opening, lined with hot plates on either side of its interior. Voloom’s inner-workings, however, differ drastically in both form and function. Raised in a checkerboard-style surface, the plates are uniquely designed to lift the roots — and, in turn, impart volume.

As per my mom, Voloom creates an illusion of more hair. Moreover, she confirms that the volume does, in fact, last for days. “Honestly, I can go four or five days without washing my hair,” she says. Moreover, she can sleep on her Voloom-ed hair and wake up with volume that looks “pretty darn good.” Some simple hair sectioning followed by a few clamping motions makes the process a breeze, and merely a bunny hill of a learning curve. Even my dad — who strikes me as someone who’s never touched a hot tool in his life — has successfully Voloom-ed my mom’s hair in light of a recent wrist surgery that’s taken her dominant hand out of commission. 

Voloom comes in a few sizes, each of which accommodate different hair thicknesses and lengths. Incidentally, my mom says she’d “...imagine people who have thicker, healthy hair could experiment with fun styling techniques,” making the case for virtually any hair type to try the tool.

Shoppers are equally keen on Voloom. “I am very happy with this purchase,” says one enthusiastic, formerly flat-haired shopper, who says they’ve recommended it to everyone who complains about lifeless hair. Another said “I look like I have twice the hair up there,” and, like my mom, has had success maintaining volume for days on end. Yet another shopper, 72, who bought Voloom hoping it could “add volume to the crown” affirms, “it really does.” Even an InStyle editor, Christina Oehler, says that she relies on the tool to amplify her thinning hair every time she styles it. “It gives me volume without adding excess product to my hair, which lets me go longer between washes while still maintaining body.”

In light of my mom’s review, among seemingly endless praise from shoppers, I’m inclined to fly home just to try her Voloom (I’m only half kidding, TBH). On second thought — the tool is cheaper than a plane ticket to Ohio, so perhaps I’ll snag my own. If voluptuous volume and thicker-looking hair appeals to you, shop Voloom; if you’re anything like my mom, you’ll be thankful you did.

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