Sarah Jessica Parker Used This Diffuser on the Set of “And Just Like That...” — and It's on Rare Sale

It comes in 9 colors.

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I’m on a continual quest to make my home smell — for lack of a better term — expensive (think hotel lobby; five-star spa, etc.). My efforts have led me to a deluge of candles, reed diffusers, and scent-emitting smart devices. Among my all-time favorite finds throughout the years: the Vitruvi Stone essential oil diffuser. I’m in good company; the brand’s diffusers are used by a handful of celebrities, including Sarah Jessica Parker — who used it on set for And Just Like That… — and Molly Sims, who called the diffuser “incredibly chic when placed in your home.” The Vitruvi is pricier than many alternatives — but to me, it’s inimitable and totally splurge-worthy. For a limited time, however, the Vitruvi essential oil diffuser is on sale for 15 percent off with a coupon at Amazon. 

The Vitruvi Stone essential oil diffuser is a fragrance-emitting device powered by essential oils and water. The top portion of the device lifts off to reveal a 9-milliliter water chamber. Once filled with H2O and a few drops of an essential oil, the Vitruvi spouts a visible, delicate steam of scented mist at the touch of a button. 

 Vitruvi Stone Diffuser


Shop now: $105 with coupon code (Originally $123);

If you, like I, love to create scent vibes, the Vitruvi is a must-have. I toggle my essential oil picks to match my mood and time of day: Zesty citrus in the morning; refreshing peppermint to reset midday; a soothing eucalyptus when I’m searching for a sense of stillness. (I’d be remiss not to mention my favorite ‘hotel lobby’ scent; a luxurious, expensive-smelling sandalwood blend that I’ve ordered monthly for over a year.) 

The Vitruvi stone essential oil diffuser “doubles as decor,” per the brand. I wholeheartedly agree, and place my diffuser in prominent spots accordingly. The material alone — a matte stone with a slight textural grit — lends an expensive, organic feel to any space (it’d look right at home next to a plush white couch in a light-filled California-casual style abode). Its subdued design elements make it a minimalist’s dream: Gently sloped sides, barely-there buttons, and a light-rimmed base that emits a warm glow (thanks to an optional night light feature). 

When I first purchased the diffuser in white, Vitruvi offered limited color options — only white and black. In the years since, the brand has unveiled an additional assortment of hues, which range from earthy terracotta to muted moss, each somehow more beautiful than the next. The current 15 percent off sale applies to each of the nine colors at Amazon. Delightful — yet a decidedly difficult for the indecisive, aesthetically minded among us. I’m vacillating between lavender and blush — or perhaps eucalyptus? All choices are good choices in this case.

If you’d like to snag your own Vitruvi Stone essential oil diffuser for 15 percent off, I’d advise speed-shopping: Like a delicate stream of scented mist, this sale is ephemeral.

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