My Dyed, Curly Strands Feel Like Virgin Hair Thanks to This Treatment From a Jennifer Garner-Used Brand

Soft and silky hair like you wouldn’t believe.

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Virtue Hair Mask Review
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I’ve always wanted to dye my hair, but have refrained out of fear that the chemicals will kill my curls. You’ll have to trust me on this, but with straight hair, I look like Danny DeVito/Frank Reynolds cosplaying as an art collector. So with the exception of a one-strand experimentation during the early lockdown part of COVID-19, my hair has been untouched by bleach or dye for 28 years. 

When a professional colorist and personal friend said they wanted to bring some warmth and redness to my hair, I figured “hey, why not?” The result is subtle but more transformative than I imagined, but it also requires adding extra TLC into my hair care routine. I found the solution almost instantly in Virtue Lab’s Restorative Treatment Mask. This is a color-safe hydration mask that moisturizes hair, restores shine, and smoothes strands without build-up or excess weight. And in my case, it did just that. 



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I opted for the Virtue Mask over the dozens of other products at my disposal for a few reasons. InStyle readers love the brand, it has a strong celebrity fanbase, and most compellingly, it has a patented Alpha Keratin 60ku ingredient. The science behind it is a little confusing, but as Adir Abergel Virtue Labs' creative director and Jennifer Garner’s hairstylist, previously explained to InStyle, “Alpha Keratin 60ku is like a GPS system where it goes directly where the damage is and gives you the best hair you could possibly have.”

During a hair wash day, I apply this three-minute mask in place of conditioner while in the bath. I dunk my head underwater and rake my fingers through my hair, and within minutes, my strands already feel incredibly silky. But it’s easy for hair to feel healthy when there’s product on it — but this hair mask’s longevity is exactly why it stands out above the rest. 

After using the mask and letting my hair air dry, my curls looked so glossy, shiny, and frizz-free. That last feature is very rare without the use of a leave-in styling product. After a few days, I assessed my hair again. It honestly looked and felt healthier than my virgin hair had. I just can’t believe my strands could be this soft and silky while still maintaining their hold and shape.

That being said, this is not a replacement for leave-in conditioner. I use the Virtue Restorative Mask about once a week and use a post-shower styling product on days when I wear it down. My hair is as healthy as — maybe even more than — it’s ever been, and I feel more confident in experimenting with hair dye again. 

Head to Virtue Labs to shop the Restorative Treatment Mask for your softest, healthiest hair ever. 

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